Different Methods Of Attaching Weaves To Hair

Getting weaves done can be very exciting especially if it is going to be the first time you will be doing that. You will have to choose the right hair to use and this may not be an easy task given that there is a lot to choose from. Nevertheless, understanding your personal style and how your natural hair will blend in will definitely help. Then there is always the aspect of how much you are ready to spend on the weave.

After you have bought your safe and effective solution with cosmetic surgery Adelaide cost, the next thing will be to have it placed on your hair. Sometimes you may have to visit a salon to have it done. However, some people are lucky to have someone at home who can help them place the weave. If you do decide to place it at home, make sure that the person ding the weave is well trained. If not you could end up with all of your hair being damaged. There are different ways that you could use to place the weave. Some of these can be comfortably done at home while others require a profession to do them.

The sew –in method

This method requires the hair to be braided all through. The weave is then attached to the hair using a needle and thread. This method can be painful or not depending on whether it is your first time and on how the braids were made. It is also the most popular way that braids are placed on the hair.

 Sew –in with net method

This method is quite similar to sew –in method only a net is placed over the braids before the weave is attached using the needle and thread. The purpose of putting a net on the hair is to help relieve it of pressure that may come from the sewing process. The problem with this method is that the wearer has very limited means of taking care of their natural skin rejuvenation services while they wear the weave.

Glue in method

This method is also known as the bonding method. It uses glue to attach the bought hair to the scalp. The natural hair is cut into section and glue is placed on bought hair and it is added to the different sections. This method has been found to cause a lot of damage to the hair and many people have reported allergic reactions to the glue.

Fusion bonding

This method requires using specialist bonding techniques to attaché bought hair strand after strand. The hair can be attached using keratin or specialist glue. If done correctly, it can last for periods of up to six months. This is a very good method for attaching extensions as it gives a very natural look. The only problem with this method is that it takes long to get it done and it can be pricey.