How To Look More Put-together And Awake For Your Morning Appointments?

In our opinion, morning people are a rare breed. Most of us consider morning the other side of noon, and can’t really function until we’ve hit that first glug of life giving coffee. Unfortunately for us, the rest of the world happens to like working in the mornings; resulting in early morning appointments and meetings. If your job consists of such meetings and appointments, and you’re tired of people telling you you look tired, there here’s how to look awake and put together; even in the ungodly hours…!

Go to bed early – this is a no brained and such an obvious tip. But you’d be surprised at how many of us don’t even consider this a necessity. The thing is, unless you get to bed early, it’s definitely going to be a challenge looking fresh and alert in the morning. If you have an important meeting in the morning, take the precaution of turning in, and at least manage to get 7-9 hours of sleep. Trust us, good skin and alert eyes can be achieved effortlessly with this tip alone.

Keep your outfits planned ahead – this way, at least you wouldn’t have to struggle to get your clothes to match when your eyes are still refusing to open. It’s also a great idea, as this gives you more time to roll around in bed and get your bearings.

Pay attention to your eyes – as they are the biggest secret revealer of your sleepiness. Consider wearing eye makeup. Certain styles of eyeliner and lash extension Sydney can help you look more alert and awake.

Don’t complicate or overcrowd your morning preparations – as it is, most of us don’t have sufficient time in the morning for everything. But if you leave too much for the mornings, no doubt you’ll be tired even before you leave home. As a result, you’ll arrive at your appointment looking sleepy and tired.

Always arrive early – don’t let your morning appointment see how rushed and chaotic your morning has been by arriving late and half dressed to your destination. Always plan to leave earlier than necessary: even if it means having to get a lash perm if it means cutting down your makeup time. If you’re late, consider taking a taxi rather tan driving yourself. At least you wouldn’t have to fight for a parking space on top of it all.

Consider walking (briskly) to work – if your appointment is at a walking distance, and if you have plenty of time to get there, consider walking there. A brisk walk should rev up your system and make you feel more awake and alive. But if you’re severely out of shape, you might opt to skip this, as you wouldn’t want to arrive at your appointment looking sweaty and exhausted.