Naturel Is Not The Only Way To Go!

Nowadays you can hear a lot of debate on the topic of ‘makeup vs no makeup’. The biggest and most argued point you might have heard of during these debates might be that which calls women who wear makeup ‘fake’. If you are a passionate lover of makeup goods and wear makeup on a regular basis, the comment might have naturally angered you – and with good reasons. It should be clear that no woman can be ‘fake’ simply because of the use of makeup, just as no woman who does not wear makeup is ‘ugly’ or ‘plain’. It should be every woman’s right to choose whether they wear makeup or not, and in this case, if you are against the ‘au naturel’ trend sponsored by many actresses and high profile characters today, you are fully entitled to continue sporting your glammed up look.

Makeup, furthermore, is not really the only point that comes under attack under these debates. The increased use of plastic surgery, Botox and other forms surgical enhancement of the body, as well as the use of synthetic products such as lace front wigs and hair extensions, have also come under fire in these debates. Whilst overspending on beauty products might certainly be crossing the line, we should again be reminded here that individuals are free to spend the money they earn in ways they see fit, and that includes the enhancement of their bodies using more modern approaches.

To the individual who does not use makeup or has never heard of plastic surgery, this statement might naturally prove puzzling. However, it really is not a very big deal: we can simply say that makeup is a form of expression, quit close to the fine arts. Just as the reserved person might prefer to not indulge in overly dramatic looks, the outgoing and charismatic girl might want to accentuate her look through fake eyelashes, bold lipstick colours and so on. Thus makeup proves to be a safe but distinct method through which an individual could express their own personality. Look at here now if you are looking for fake eyelashes.

More than anything however, makeup is often a hobby for these women. Just like men are often into sports and cars, women find a passion in makeup tools and doing their (or their friends’, relatives’, etc.) makeup every morning. Furthermore, makeup is a fool proof method to conceal the many blemishes and disfigurations of the skin – things like acne and zits, as well eye bags and scars can be very easily erased through the use of a little concealer. With a society which places so much focus on the imperfections of the body, it is therefore no surprise that many women actively find joy in the use of makeup in their daily lives.