Wake Up And Makeup Your Eyes According To Your Eye Shape

We all know that make up is used to enhance ones natural beauty an there are certain techniques that you can try and master to achieve that optimum look. Eyes speak many conversations that words cannot merely speak on, therefor it is clear that eyes are indeed the window into ones soul. There are various types of eyes that many people around the world are proud to have and give the highly impressive results. Cat eyes, blue eyes, grey eyes, hooded Asian eyes are few on top of the list. Here are few ideas for various type of eyes and how one can enhance its uniqueness. It is always important to take into consideration the shape of your eyes when applying color and eyeliner.

Eyes that is closely set

These are the type of eyes that are situated closer than one’s eye width. In this case the focus should be on width. It is best to stick to lighter colors to the inner corner of the eyes and darker shades to the outer angle of the eyes. Eye liner and mascara need to go outwards to show depth and wide spread eyes than the close set feel. When you find theatrical makeup Melbourne it is best to use the correct type of highlighting color to make your eyes pop.

Eyes that are down turned

These set of eyes need to do a certain lifting to create the needed balance and symmetry. This can be achieved with shadow blending. Light colors on the inner corners and darker colors at the outer corners while carefully creating the illusion of eyes that are lifted instead of down turned. When applying eyeliner one needs to keep in mind that the only the upper and outer eyes need to be lined and avoid lining the under eye line. Mascara as well needs to be applied only to the upper eyelashes. 

Eyes that are naturally deep set

These are eyes that set deep within its eye socket. Just as anyone would go looking for professional henna artist to get their henna, women should find appropriate beauticians who can shape their eye brows that give an instant lift to their eyes. For eyes like this it is best to stick to light colors to the lids to avoid the eyes from looking even more deep set.

Eyes that hooded or Asian eyes

Droopy eyes either due to ethnicity or due to old age it is best to experiment with matte colors. Simplicity and minimal colors work best with this type of eyes so be cautious enough to not go overboard.