Why Should You Consider Threading For Shaping Brows?

The unwanted hair removal technique using a thread has been widely used in India and the Middle East since ages. It has recently gained a lot of popularity in the Western world. This technique has given a proven alternative to many people who earlier used to go for plucking or waxing. However, there are many people even today who are ignorant about this beauty technique which is great in many ways.

Read about the benefits of threading


The biggest and greatest benefit of this all natural technique is the ability to shape the brow hair with precision. It is the best eyebrow shaping technique as it has the ability to target both individual as well as multiple hairs and remove them at the same time. It is like tweezing and waxing combined together with the accuracy and precision of tweezing and removing multiple hairs in abundance like waxing.

The threading melbourne CBD at Brow Lash Parlour technique can easily remove a clean line of hair at one go, thus giving the beautician the precision to shape the brow perfectly. Unlike waxing, this technique helps make the artist performing it, view the area which needs to be worked upon while doing.

No chemicals are involved in the process

Most hair removing techniques use chemicals and solutions, but this technique using a thread does not use any such chemicals. The only thing which is used here is the cotton thread. The process is chemical free. There is no artificial ingredient touching the skin involved here and therefore no chances of skin irritation. For people who have sensitive skin and are often victims of redness of the area or itchiness, this technique will benefit them as it is an all natural process of removing unwanted hair.

Less pain

This technique of hair removal involves very less pain when compared to other hair removing methods, like waxing. The skin is not much in contact with the thread ad so it does not pain much

Saves time

Tweezing takes a lot of time as it takes out individual hair out, however the technique using the thread alone does it quickly as it can easily take out a line of hair out at once. The tug at the thread can simply remove the hair out after weaving it through the hair. The process is repeated until all the unwanted hair is out and the desired shape of the brow has been achieved. It hardly takes about 5 – 15 minutes at the most.